Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cosplay - Tsukuyomi Sasami

Character: Tsukuyomi Sasami
Series: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai
Debut: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 (September 27th)
Costume: Kureiyaa

This show was kind of crazy and off the wall, but in an interesting "I want to see where it goes" sort of way. I decided to cosplay the pajamas version because it looked so comfortable. I've been wearing a lot of costumes to conventions that, while they weren't uncomfortable, eventually would become uncomfortable. Somehow I did nothing but comfortable costumes to the convention that year. The costume itself was relatively simple to make since I could look at the pajama shirts I already had to see how I should make a pattern for it. Maybe I should wear it again for another convention soon..... It really was super comfy.

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  1. Comfort, the detail of so many cosplays I think is most often overlooked. You would think our area of the country would learn their lesson with heavy/layered cosplays better with all of the heat and humidity we have but likeness over comfort, I guess. Looks very soft. Glad to hear it feels as great as it looks.